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I'm, Ny'Tasha, 21 year old black women from Washington, DC. I started my business to better myself. I went to college for a year and dropped out not knowing where my life would take me or even what path I wanted to follow. I was tired of the 9-5s and I knew in my heart I was wasting my talents working basic jobs. So, as I always do I started to explore different things and that's when nails came along. As any new nail tech, I was trash, nails was falling off but I kept being CONSISTENT and found nails to be something I loved that utilize my artist skills and doing it felt more like ME. As my business moved along I wanted to do more like fashionable bracelets, I believe that JEWELRY makes an outfit especial one with sentimental value! All it was missing was my touch that other jewelry designers weren't doing from the way you hook my bracelets to making on-site photo bracelets at pop-up shops. My bracelets are one of a kind. 

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