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Frequently Asked Questions

How to select the right nail size?

All sets come with 20 - 24 nails with a range of 10 - 12 sizes to ensure the perfect fit for each fingernail. Another option is our sizing kits, the kit is mailed to you, and you email you exact size to

How long can I wear them?

If you apply with stickers, sets wear time is on day.

If you apply with nail glue, wear time is 2+ weeks.

What's included in my press on order?

  • 20 - 24 nails, if you used a sizing kit 10 nails

  • Thank you card

  • Application Kit

  • "How to apply" & "How to remove" card

Why did my nail come off?

Don't WORRY! If some nails are coming off before others, it is simply because glue application to each nail was not consistent. Simply follow same application steps and add a little more glue to false nails and a dot to natural nail.

Perfect nail application requires careful preparation and following the instructions is critical to ensure a long wearing time.

What's in the application kit?

Nail Filer, Nail Glue, Cuticle Oil, Alcohol Pad, Buffer, Cuticle Pusher & Nail Sticker

Are my natural nails safe?

Absolutely!! Press on nails is an alternative way to keep your natural nails from being damaged. The glue we provide is a non-damaging glue and will keep your natural nail safe. 


Processing Time

When you purchase a set of nails, processing time is 2 - 3 business days. Purchasing a sizing kit will extend the processing time to 5 - 7  business days. Once sizes are received, sets will be made and shipped

Business days EXCLUDE Saturday and Sunday.


All orders are shipped through USPS and can be tracked using your tracking number. To track your order go to your order page.

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